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  • Once again, I leave a satisfied customer after coming back for the 3rd time. The service is excellent. I asked a lot of questions and they answered with honest truth. Prices are reasonable, plus they give additional 10% discount for military. Consistently friendly service from all employees; I recommend using Shea's Luxury Detail. They've earned my trust and business.

    Shea's Luxury Detail, Honolulu
    Chris A.
  • Called up Shea's after watching his video on his website. Appointment was made for inside, outside, and engine since I was thinking about selling to get a bigger car. 8.5 hours later, I could not believe my eyes. The inside looked BRAND NEW! The leather was clean and vibrant and ALL stains discoloration were GONE! The outside was glass smooth and looking like it was in the showroom back when I bought it.

    Shea's Luxury Detail, Honolulu
    Christine W.
  • I found scuff marks on the front of my car hood and fortunately I was in the Kalihi area and stopped in to have Shea's check it out. The Shop Manager Mina who was detailing this sweet Audi RS4 took the time to check out the scratches. He said no problem after inspecting it and 10 minutes later it was practically unnoticeable. Happy? I say Yes! He did the best job that he could buffing it out, it looked a 100x better.
    *Mahalo to Mina who made my day a 100% Better!

    Shea's Luxury Detail, Honolulu
    Brian M.
  • I have never been more excited to write a review for a business than I am today. Shea's Luxury Detail has won my business as my go to detail shop to get my car taken care of the RIGHT way...AWESOME job at a very FAIR price! MAHALO Shea's Luxury Detail!

    Shea's Luxury Detail, Honolulu
    Eric A.
  • Always great service and always there to get the job done. Been seeing Shea and Candi for years and they are nothing but professional and friendly plus always accommodating my cars at the last minute for the monthly polish to the car shows. Shea and the crew always using the latest and best products to keep my cars clean and shiny for years to come. Mahalos to Shea's luxury detail!!

    Shea's Luxury Detail, Hawaii
    Kama K.
  • Shea and his crew are very professional. My truck looked like a new showroom truck after they finished. My truck is black and anyone who knows how difficult black vehicles can be will understand this. I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for nothing but the best. Commercial garage! Top shelf products! Gated yard! Don't wait, book a date at Shea's!!!

    Shea's Luxury Detail, Hawaii
    Scott T
  • Car finishes are constantly being torn at by the elements. The only way to ensure a long-lasting shiny finish on your vehicle begins with a protective coating and wax. Our professional services at Shea's Luxury Detail ensures that your car gets only the finest applications of wax and protection.

  • Our product of choice is simple in nature and practical in application. We guarantee a long-lasting protective finish with the Gyeon line of products for perfection when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. The durable coat technology combined with the expertise of our staff in application ensures that you get the most out of its formula.

  • Once the protective coat has been applied, the method of cleaning your vehicle becomes much simpler. Each subsequent cleaning will result in an easier wash off of all contaminants and pollutants on your vehicle. Following a proper schedule of regular maintenance will ensure a shiny clean coat for years.

  • The coating services we offer come in various stages. Choose a detailing package for your vehicle to get started or call/contact us directly for a cutsom quote on the work you'd like performed. We are here for you and happy to serve all corners of Oahu.

Paint Protection & Coating Options


Formula Durability (A) The number of layers Price Notes
Pro 5 Years Guarantee 1 $999.95+ Opti-Coat Pro is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts.
Pro Plus 7 years Guarantee 2 $1199.95+ 2 step version of Opti-Coat Pro. The first step, Opti-Coat Pro, is a ceramic clear coating with superior resistance to scratching, chemical etching, fading due to UV and provides outstanding release properties. Opti-Coat Pro Plus adds great gloss and slickness for a fantastic shine and long term paint protection


Formula Durability (A) The number of layers Price Notes
Gtechniq Rim Up to 12 months 1 $75 Face only.
Gtechniq Rim
Up to 12 months
1 $225 Rims removed and all surfaces coated


Formula Durability (A) The number of layers Price Notes
Glassparency 3 years Guarantee 2 $59.95 GlassParency is an ultra-hydrophobic application for glass which helps to repel water, reduce glare and makes dirt, bugs, ice and snow easier to remove.