Professional Car Wash

Whether you’ve got a timeless classic, an elegant but economic runaround, or a beefed-up supercar, you’ll want to ensure that it is always kept in the best condition. However, taking such cherished investments to a drive-through car wash is not likely to be an option for you. Regardless of the fact that some simply aren’t suited to classic cars, they tend not to offer the best service, nor the care and attention needed to keep your car as gleaming and beautiful as it should be.

If you are serious about it, you’ll want to take it to a professional car wash. A good service will recognize the requirements of your specific vehicle and offer protection and conditioning to make sure that it retains its color and shine for much longer than your drive home. Professional car cleaners will look at ways to keep the upholstery fresh, as well as the windows and panel sparkling and sealing it against the erratic Hawaii weather.

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Professional Car Cleaning Service: A Personalized Service

Ever since we first started as a mobile operation in 2007, we’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on some truly gorgeous vehicles. Unlike other car detailers, we do more than just clean. We offer peace of mind. Those who own luxury cars require trustworthy professionals to work on their vehicles. As people who are passionate about fine automobiles and quality craftsmanship, we work to bring the best out of your car, whether it is freshening up your interior, bringing the sparkle back to your windows, or polishing and weatherproofing your exterior so that your car will always make the impact it was created for!

We are committed to providing a professional car cleaning service that can be fully tailored to your requirements. Whether you need a quick freshen-up of your interior or you want a complete upgrade and protection of your paintwork, including correction and sealing, we will have just the right package for you. Across the range, you will find:

  • A professional hand wash of the exterior, including wheel faces, door and trunk jams, molding, and trim
  • Application of polymer sealant
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Application of UV protection for all interior leather and vinyl surfaces
  • Professional vacuuming

You might also want to take advantage of our popular ceramic coasting service too. It’s a brilliant way of preserving the paintwork and protecting your car against scratches, as well as the damage caused by heat and hard water.

Other services include car detailing Waipahu, auto detailing Kaneohe and detail garage pearl city.

Professional Car Wash: Get Your Free Estimate or Book Online Now!

Professional car wash, we know how nerve-racking it can be to entrust a stranger with your cherished vehicle. That’s why we give you every opportunity we can to get in contact and reassure yourself that we know just how to take care of it. Call us between Tuesday and Saturday, 9-to-5, and we’ll be very happy to give you as much insight into our services as possible.

Or why not take advantage of a free estimate from us now?! Simply use our free app to estimate service by filling in a few details about you, your vehicle, and your service requirements, and we’ll get back to you soon enough with a competitive price and an entirely personalized service.

Once you’ve got an idea of what you’d like, you can book online. Choose from any service you like, then take your pick from any of our service packages and select a date suitable to you! We’ll take care of the rest!

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