Quality Ceramic Sealant For Cars

Have you been searching for a low maintenance way to keep protect the paint on your car and leave it looking better than Shea ceramic sealant for cars new? If so, at Shea’s Luxury Detailing, we have the answer for you. We offer quality ceramic coating services, that will help to protect the surface of your car from wear or tear caused by the weather or other environmental conditions, ensuring that it stays looking pristine for longer. You’ll never have to wax your car again! Read More

Super Car Ceramic Coating: About Shea’s Luxury Detailing

Shea’s Luxury Detailing was established in 2007 starting as a sole mobile operation. After only 8 months in business, we started to win awards and get recognition for the excellent work that we do. It can be difficult to find someone who you can trust to look after and work on your cherished vehicle, but at Shea’s, your mind will be put at ease. Our passion and love for detailing fine automobiles is like no other. With the owner’s constant pursuit for perfection and his years of experience in customers service, your expectations will be exceeded when you book your vehicle for a Luxury Detailing.

Ceramic Car Paint Protection: What is a Ceramic Coating?

super car ceramic coating is an alternative to waxing your car. It is a type of liquid polymer that covers the exterior of a vehicle to create an extra layer of protection and keeps your car looking new without the need for lots of maintenance. After it has been hand applied to the surface of your car, it will become easier to clean and more resilient. You will still need to wash your car to keep it looking clean and shiny, but the process will be much quicker, and you will no longer need to spend time waxing your car.

Professional Grade Ceramic Coating: What are the Benefits of a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating will not solve or prevent every problem that you could have with your car, but having one does come with many benefits:

  • Chemical stain and etching protection – Unable to bond to your car’s paint because of the ceramic coating, your car will be more resistant to chemical staining and etching.
  • UV damage and oxidation protection – The amount your vehicle’s paint will fade and become dull over time will be reduced.
  • Easier to clean – As ceramic coating has hydrophobic characteristics, it repels water making it harder for mud and dirt to stick to your vehicle’s paint, and easier to clean.
  • Glossy sheen – A ceramic coating will make the color of your vehicle pop.

Ceramic Sealant for Cars: Find out More about Ceramic Coatings Today!

ceramic car paint protector is not a miracle fix for all the problems that could occur on the exterior of a vehicle, but it does help to preserve the quality and look of your car’s paint, making it look like new for longer. It also helps to reduce the amount of time you have to spend on the exterior maintenance of your vehicle.

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If you would like to find out more, get in contact with us and we will give you a free quote for your vehicle. You won’t be disappointed with the professional grade ceramic coating at Shea’s Luxury Detailing.

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