Get the best interior auto detailing in Honolulu

Help your vehicle look brand new on the inside as well with professional interior car detailing services from Shea’s Luxury Detail. We offer numerous services and packages to help your vehicle look brand new. Keep reading to see some of the service we offer, or contact Shea’s to schedule your professional auto detailing today.

Professional Vacuuming

Sometimes it’s the little things that are the hardest to see. When you get interior car detailing from Shea’s, you’ll have every inch of your car’s interior professionally vacuumed, ensuring that every crumb and speck of dust is cleaned out of your vehicle.

UV Protectant Wipe Down

The sun can cause massive damage to your vehicle, even if you don’t see it right away. At Shea’s, we’ll wipe down all of your interior vents and crevices as well as apply a non-greasy UV protectant to make sure the sun doesn’t fade the hard surfaces of your vehicle.

Glass Cleaning

You usually don’t notice it until it’s too late, but your interior auto glass can often be the dirtiest part of your car. This can make driving difficult, if not impossible, at certain times. Let the professionals at Shea’s clean your auto glass, making it crystal clear and easy to see out of.

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If you’re looking for the best interior auto detailing services in Honolulu, then look no further than Shea’s Luxury Detail. Contact Shea’s to book your appointment today and help your car look brand new once again.