Premium Sports Car Detailing

Look no further; Shea’s Luxury Detailing delivers like no other sports car detailing business in the country. We can make those kinds of bold claims because, when you bring in your vehicle for service, we treat it like it’s our own dream car we bought ourselves. We also have a holistic list of treatments that both make your car shine like new and protect it from future wear & tear for years to come. 

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Has nasty weather left your car dirtier than ever? Our professional rinsing, foaming, and bathing will wash all of it right out. Are you frustrated with some obvious swirl marks or mini scratches in your paint job? After we’ve thoroughly washed every bit of your car’s exterior and expertly waxed it by hand, simply ask us to apply a layer of ceramic paint coating that will keep your paint smooth as a mirror for years. Are your wheels expecting to meet some unkind roads? We clean every nut, bolt, and spoke of your tires when you bring in your vehicle, and we have a wheel coating to match your pristine new paint job too. Even Shea-new cars don’t look as good as the ones serviced at Shea’s. 

Professional Sports Car Detailing: Overview of What We Do

If you bring in your ride for an exterior clean, this is what you can expect: 

  • We’ll thoroughly rinse and scrub your rims to remove any stubborn grime and residue from the metal. Our brushes are specially designed to leave no scratches and reach every little space between the spokes and around each bolt. 
  • The whole exterior will receive a good rinsing that can remove any heavy deposits. Salt can be especially tricky, but even “especially tricky” is nothing for us. 
  • We foam the whole vehicle with a specialized nozzle that doesn’t miss any spots. At that point, we carefully bathe your whole vehicle, wiping away any layers of filth by hand before washing off any excess foam. 
  • Professionals aren’t in the business of leaving water spots, either so we blow dry the whole car and thoroughly dry it with microfiber towels that are very kind to the paint. 
  • Finally, your ride gets hand-waxed to give it a beautiful polish and to offer the paint some added protection. 

Meanwhile, we’re just as thorough with the interior: 

  • We vacuum all the leather, plastics, and the floor of your car to remove any accumulated debris; even the most careful and clean car owners will have crumbs and dust in their car over time. 
  • With detail brushes designed for vehicle maintenance, we remove any dust or filth from the vents and other very narrow spaces in your car. 
  • Last but not least, we thoroughly clean and polish your windshield from the inside, as that side is often neglected because we don’t expect it to get dirty. We’ll leave it so clean, it’ll be hard to tell it’s even there. 

We also offer services like sports car detailing, ceramic sealant for cars and car wash Oahu.

Premium Sports Car Detailing: Get a Free Estimate 

If all this sounds like just what your ride needs, we’ll give you a free estimate on whatever you’re considering. Please fill out our estimate form

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