Came out like a BOSS!

When I was researching for an auto detailer on the island to service my Toyota Tundra XSPX. I was looking for a shop that pays special attention to the detail of their work. When reviewing other shops on the island, I came upon Shea’s Luxury Detail. A customer’s review mentioned they had his/her vehicle done, and how meticulously the workers were in doing detail work. After further research Shea’s Luxury Detail had the highest customer satisfactory than the competition from different sources.

I contacted Shea and took my Toyota Tundra XSPX (black) in to the shop to have paint restoratation/corrections, Glassparency on all windows, and the application of cereamic OPTI coating.

My Tundra came out like a BOSS! The SHINE the GLOW of the black paint (zero scratches) it is literally like GLASS/MIRROR, absolutely a PLATINUM job by Shea’s team! I have to concur with the other customers, this was a 5-STAR service by Shea’s Luxury Detail, its is well worth the extra cost, you actually get what you pay for and more. Thank you!

Kaviks T.