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Shea’s Luxury Detail in Honolulu has been serving Hawaii’s most demanding customers and has taken pride in their ability to serve such discerning clientele. From automobile collectors to exotic and luxury vehicle owners, Hawaii’s VIPs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and most importantly, Hawaii’s hard-working middle class families. We also proudly serve custom chopper, cruiser, and street bike enthusiasts! Shea’s Luxury Detail has been delivering exceptional auto and bike detailing since 2008 and has been voted the BEST by the Honolulu Star Advertiser four times! The choice is obvious. Get the best Auto Detailing in Honolulu and the best Ceramic coating for cars in Honolulu.

  • Home of Hawaii’s BEST auto and bike detailing specialists.
  • Award winning results and superior customer service.
  • We offer the BEST Paint Correction and Protection in the state!
  • Complete shop stocked with rare detailing products for DIYers!

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Are you tired of your car washes only really helping for a day or two at most? Do you dread the rain leaving all those annoying white spots on your paint job? Are you worried your paint coat is actually fading or being damaged? If any of these are the case for you, Shea’s Luxury Detailing is here to help. Our expert detailing includes proper rinsing, foaming, scrubbing, and drying to not only get out the toughest contaminants and deposits but also to prevent the cleaning process itself to leave any trace of water spots or swirl marks. But we don’t stop at professionally cleaning your car’s interior and exterior; we also understand what can cause your paint to fade and your dashboard to be gradually worn, and we coat those vulnerable surfaces with protective treatments that will stay strong for years. Shea’s Luxury Detailing isn’t just about asking you to come in for a regular average wash; we’re a family business that hopes to leave you satisfied every time you look at your car for years after you’ve visited us.

When we opened in 2008, it only took us 8 months to humbly earn that year’s Honolulu Advertiser’s Best of the Best award. We didn’t let that slow us down. We went on to win the next two years, too, alongside a handful of other quality awards. Many of these were voted for by the public because Shea’s remains a Honolulu family business that knows people, knows cars, and cares about both enough to offer only the best. If you’ve been searching for the finest detail garage Hawaii, you’ve just found it.

High Profile Detailing: What Can Damage Your Paint?

Some sources of paint fading or contamination are well known; no one finds it a mystery when your paint is scratched or chipped due to impact or time. But other damaging factors are out there, and Hawaii is one of the places that has them in abundance:

  • Bird Droppings: They’re gross, and they can happen all the time, but it’s not just an unsightly mess that you have to wipe off. Bird waste contains many acidic properties, which, through long or repeated exposure, can begin to erode your car’s paint. Even when cleaned up immediately, the interaction can still cause damage over repeated incidents.
  • Tree Sap: Sap is a nightmare to remove once stiffened. Plenty of unlucky owners have left massive chips in their paint jobs trying to pry the stuff off their hoods or roofs, but the sap also has chemical effects. It does not interact well with the clear coat that makes up the outer layer of your paint, and it can erode it and discolor the other layers.
  • Salt: If you’re a seasoned car lover, you might know that cars in coastal regions often need a bit more upkeep on their exterior. You can thank the salt for that. Salt has some very light corrosive properties which don’t affect us at all, but salt can gradually erode the paint right off your vehicle. It’s slow, but it’s sadly not unnoticeable.

Hawaii Auto Detail Aiea: We Know How to Help

Detailing services, Rest assured you’re in good hands with us, though. When we finish your car’s exterior detailing, we also apply a claying process that helps remove any microscopic contaminants from the paint. We also take readings of the paint’s condition using specialized devices, which helps us determine what sort of wax coating would be best.

Our other services include: interior car detailing, auto paint protection and auto detailing Kaneohe.

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